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Learn how to prepare delicious appetizers like a pro

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We've all been there. Whether its a last minute get together with your friends or an impromptu family gathering, most of us have this insatiable need to be a good host. We want people to have great food and we most definitely live for the glory we receive afterwards. I may be professionally inclined to tell you that your best bet is to cater from a company like ours, but of course you may enjoy cooking and hosting and you may not want us to steal your thunder. So I am here to give you some of our favourite tips.

1. Keep a theme and stick to it.

Having a theme of Bahraini food for example may reduce variety but at least each of the dishes will go really well with each other, the last thing you want is too many confusing flavours clashing with each other.

2. Finger food is called finger food for a reason.

Finger food which you serve at a party or event should fit in your mouth in one scrumptious bite. Parties in Bahrain as well as all over the hold are about socialising, meeting and greeting. These are all much harder to do if the food is messy and you feel conscious about shaking hands with people.

3. Know your crowd.

If you think the crowd will love Bahraini food then stick with that, playing safe and going with the crowd favourites will always be a winner. Your menu does not need to be from an exotic cuisine because when it comes to food, home is where the heart is.

4.Keep a caterer on speed dial.

While you may feel i am being slightly biased here or feel like i have vested interest in this point. You must take into consideration that as the event gets closer and closer there are unexpected needs which may arise, at which point you may wonder if the stress and extra work is even worth it if you cannot destress and enjoy the evening with your guests.

5.Find your inspiration online.

Some of the trusted chefs I follow on social media or through their blogs are just a godsend. What would this post be if i did not share my best secrets with you. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Smitten Kitchen would my top three inspirational chefs/blogs.

I hope this has been a short but informative read and i hope you guys enjoyed the content!

Until next time folks!!

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